What The World Needs Now

Sometimes these blog posts just write themselves … thanks to Tarriona Tank Ball and a few of her friends. So here’s “What The World Needs Now” with a fresh update that couldn’t be timelier.

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In January, Yahoo gave us the opportunity to call some of our artist friends in New Orleans to help us record ”What The World Needs Now” and it was one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever experienced in a room full of artists. It was so New Orleans. The voices of the children, the poets, the different tones and textures of all the artists was truly transforming. I believe that everyone can testify how high the emotions ran this particular day. It’s my hope that people will become moved, active, and use love in their weaponry in fighting for what they believe is right.

Tarriona Tank Ball

The “friends” in question include: Alexis Marceaux, Alfred Banks, Anjelika Joseph, Daniel Abraham Jr., Danny Abel, David Shaw, Etienne Stoufflet, Franklin Davis II, Harmony Ball, Jonathan Johnson, Joshua Kagler, Maggie Koerner, PJ Morton, Rahim Glaspy, Samuel Crafts, Sasha Masakowski, Sha’condria Sibley, Sunni Patterson, Tia Henderson, Tracci Lee and Micah Johnson. So much talent in one room!

Speaking of rooms, a shout-out to our good friend Paul McDonald, who recorded the audio at Marigny Studios where we’ve spent many a pleasant day.