Outtakes, Redactions and Hidden Gems


This show is all about what’s left out — the outtakes. Over the years at Music Inside Out, we’ve heard from an enormous variety of artists — vocalists, pianists, guitarists and brass; composers, songwriters and producers; jazzmen, opera singers and artists that defy category. But no matter the background, style or vocation, all of our artists have a lot of stories to tell… so many, in fact, that we can’t always fit them in a single hour!

This week on Music Inside Out, we’re bringing you those all those clips that were just too good to leave on the cutting room floor!

Outtakes Playlist

Every week, we provide a p​laylist​ of the music on the program. Please support your local musicians and record stores.

Familiar Voices

In case you missed them the first time, you can find the premier Music Inside Out episodes for these amazing artists below:

Erica Falls    Meschiya Lake    Tom Sancton

Carlos Miguel Prieto    Rickie Lee Jones    Terence Blanchard

Can You Solve The Puzzle?

Match each artist to the image that best represents their story!

1. Rickie Lee Jones

2. Terrence Blanchard

3. Carlos Miguel Prieto

4. Erica Falls

5. Meschiya Lake

6. Tom Sancton