Road-Tested Songs & Stories

photo: Kevin Dooley/Flickr
photo: Kevin Dooley/Flickr

Road-tested Songs & Stories



The Wide Open Road is a Cultural Icon

But Wait Until You Hear the Stories These Folks Tell


This week, Music Inside Out features Louisiana musicians telling stories of their experiences around the world.

Alex McMurray, Shannon Powell, the Pfister Sisters and Luke Winslow King couldn’t sound more different on stage. But they’re all road-tested, having talked, played, sung or cooked their way out of tight spots in Nashville, Germany, Greece and Japan.

Jon Cleary was born and raised in Britain, but didn’t find the right groove until he reached New Orleans. His experience adds a whole new layer to the concept of “Home and Away.”

So count up your frequent flyer miles and take off with host, Gwen Thompkins. She’ll let you have the aisle seat.





Alex McMurray leads the Valparaiso Men’s Chorus in a sea shanty sing-a-long to “Blow the Man Down” at Chaz Fest 2007 in New Orleans.




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Shannon Powell
The Pfister Sisters
Alex McMurray
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"Another Road Through An Endless Valley" by Trey Ratcliff / Stuck in Customs on Flickr
“Another Road Through An Endless Valley” by Trey Ratcliff / Stuck in Customs on Flickr