What’s on Meschiya’s Playlist?

This week we’re reconnecting with New Orleans chanteuse Meschiya Lake after a seven year hiatus. Much has happened in that interim, to say the least. She’s a new mother. And she’s got a new album; a collaboration with Danish saxophonist Søren Siegumfeldt.

Of course, like all musicians in New Orleans and elsewhere, Meschiya Lake is idle due to the global pandemic.

So what’s she been listening to?

In my daily rotation learning on guitar is a song called, “Blackbird,” by an Irish artist named Lisa O’Neill, but also is “Dumb Blonde,” by Dolly Parton! Two complete ends of the spectrum. One is like, [sings] really beautiful and minor key and then there is Dolly talking about “you may think I’m a dumb blonde.”

Naturally we wanted to take a closer listen to these two songs. Here’s “Blackbird”:

And here’s the inimitable Dolly Parton, suffering through an intro by the forgettable Bobby Lord on his TV show in 1967: