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photo: courtesy of Susan Cowsill

photo: courtesy of Susan Cowsill

Susan Cowsill

What Is Happy?

A Question Only A Once-Child Star Can Ask Us


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Like most girls her age, Susan Cowsill watched The Partridge Family every week on television. But unlike most girls her age, she was related to the Partridges, albeit in a Hollywood kind of way. The show was modeled after Cowsill and other members of her singing family.

In the 1960s and early ’70s, The Cowsills were regulars on television, appearing with Ed Sullivan, Johnny Cash and on their own programs. They also had a string of top ten hits, including “The Rain, the Park and Other Things,” and “Hair.”

Years later, Susan Cowsill became a founding member of a critically acclaimed indie band called the Continental Drifters. If anyone decides to make a TV show about that chapter of Cowsill’s life, it would be set in New Orleans, where she has lived for nearly 20 years. This week on Music Inside Out, singer songwriter Susan Cowsill talks about her family, her solo recordings and how she really feels about David Cassidy.

The Continential Drifters

Many of Susan Cowsills fans know her from a praiseworthy band called, The Continental Drifters. And this summer, they’re re-uniting on disc and in concert. Recently, Omnivore Recordings released Drifted: In the Beginnning and Beyond, featuring the original line-up’s debut recording and songs showcasing the talents of every subsequent member of the band. The complete line-up of the Continental Drifters will appear at Tipitina’s in New Orleans on September 12 and at the Morgan-Wixam Theater in Los Angeles on September 19th. And yes, as the band’s website assures, the performances will include, Mark Walton, Carlo Nuccio, Gary Eaton, Ray Ganucheau, Danny McGough, Peter Holsapple, Vicki Peterson, Susan Cowsill, Robert Mache and Russ Broussard.


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  • Barbara Prosser

    Great interview. Susan Cowsill is funny, authentic and entertaining. Go girl!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Thanks Gwen, Sean and Susan!!

  • GwenThompkins

    Thanks, Barbara! I could interview Susan Cowsill every day of the year. She’s that great.