Stout-Hearted Love


Botero's "Dancers"
Botero’s “Dancers”



Stout-Hearted Love
is a collection of vintage songs that are worth another listen. At a time when there’s plenty to shout about – these songs and performers communicate differently and convey ideas that last well beyond the day’s headlines.

Love of life, love of home, love of work, love of family, love of friends, love of culture, love of peace, love of world. That’s the kind of stout-hearted love we talk about every week on Music Inside Out. Thanks to all who support our work so faithfully. And, most especially, thanks to those who cherish the music and musicians we celebrate. In 2017, our show will mark five years on the air. So let’s be glad… starting… wait for it… wait for it… NOW!”

– Gwen

1. Luke Winslow-King – “Pastures of Plenty” (performed live at Marigny Recording Studio)

“Pastures of Plenty” – Luke Winslow-King
Luke Winslow-King


2. Tao Seeger Band – “I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister” (Rise and Bloom)


3. Mavis Stapes, Win Butler, Regine Chassagne- “Slippery People (live)” (I’ll Take You There)


4. Punch Brothers – “My Oh My” (The Phosphorescent Blues)


5. Jon Batiste and Stay Human – “Believe” (Believe)


6. Cat Stevens – “Peace Train” (Teaser and the Firecat)


7. Bill Withers – “For a Friend (live)” (Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall)


8. Yousoupha Sidibe and Charles Neville – “New Orleans” (Tree of Life)


9. Nashville Quartet – “Your Dog Loves My Dog” (Sing for Freedom)


10. David Bowie, Eugene Ormand and the Philadelphia Orchestra – “Peter and the Wolf, OP 67: Grandfather by Sergei Prokofiev” (David Bowie Narrates Peter and the Wolf)


11. Sweet Honey in the Rock – “On Children” (Breaths)

“On Children” – Sweet Honey From the Rock
Sweet Honey in the Rock


12. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – “One Sweet World (live)” (Live at Luther College)