Marcia Ball

credit: Lilly M

credit: Lilly M


Marcia Ball


Make ’em Dance




Few piano players are as tall, glam and terrific as Marcia Ball. Born in Texas, raised in Louisiana and schooled in the dance halls and roadhouses of the Gulf South, Ball can’t help but make you boogie woogie. That is, unless you wanna two-step. Or boogaloo. She does that too.


“If you can make ’em dance, money will become a space problem.”


Ball’s songs are postcards of small town life in this region and the dilemmas that drive people to the choices they make.

This week she tells us about love songs and get-out-of-my-life songs that she’s written for the same husband. And yes, she’s still married. But Ball can make any rascal want to be a better man.

On a duet with Dr. John, he sounds downright gentlemanly. The song was his idea.




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The good folks at DeLoachfilms did a really terrific short piece with Marcia Ball, connected to the “Play Me, I’m Yours” public art installation in Austin. They filmed Marcia’s performance of “That’s How It Goes” at pianos around the Texas capital. Our favorite part is the kid on a dirt bike.

“That’s How It Goes” by Marcia Ball from DeLoachfilms on Vimeo.





Some of the music from the broadcast is available for you to stream to your desktop or  your mobile device. Or, you can download [ .pdf ] a complete playlist and take it with you to your local record store.