The Beatles Come To New Orleans


posted by Seán Collins on 15 Sept 2013
The Beatles with Frogman Henry
They stayed at the Congress Inn.
They held a press conference which was filmed.
The opening act was Frogman Henry.
Tickets cost five dollars.
And 700 teenage girls met the police at the barricades in City Park.
On September 16, 1964, The Beatles came to New Orleans.
McCartney said the concert in City Park, “was the closest we’ve come on the tour to getting worried. When I saw them coming for the stage.” He added, “I wondered, would they stay at the barricades or rush the stage and we’d be massacred?”


“It really was like a football game,” said Frogman Henry. “I mean, they were running from the policemen and the policemen were tackling them. I really enjoyed it because it was so comical. And those policemen, man, they were laughing the whole time.”
Here’s a recording of Frogman Henry singing “Ain’t Got No Home.”

Frogman Henry – Ain’t Got No Home

And the Fab Four opened in City Park with “Twist & Shout.”

The Beatles – Twist And Shout

Twist and Shout

You Can’t Do That

All My Loving

She Loves You

Things We Said Today

Roll Over Beethoven

Can’t Buy Me Love

If I Fell


A Hard Day’s Night

Long Tall Sally
Interview excerpts taken from It Was 40 Years Ago Today Frogman Henry And The Beatles Came To Play by Michael Hurt in Offbeat magazine.