The Honeymooners


Posted by Seán Collins on 14 Aug 2013



pontchartrain-park-300On this week’s show, Terence Blanchard tells Gwen about growing up in Pontchartrain Park, a neighborhood built around a golf course designed by Joseph Bartholomew. It turns out Gwen and Terence grew up a stone’s throw from one another. And they shared many experiences — including childhoods spent under the watchful gaze of other people’s mothers.

During the interview, Blanchard tells the story of his father — who worked two jobs — waking him up before leaving the house for his night job at the hospital. Father and son would watch “The Honeymooners” together.

It’s just such a sweet and wonderful story. You can imagine the kid Terence, curled up on the couch in his PJs, laughing along with his dad at Norton’s antics. We though you would get a kick out of this scene.


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