Three for the PRPD


posted by Seán Collins on 8 August 2013  disqus



photo:  Christian Cadena
photo: Christian Cadena



In September, the Public Radio Program Directors (PRPD) will meet in Atlanta for their annual conference. It’s like any industry get-together: except it’s much more… public radio.

For Music Inside Out, it’s our first opportunity to get this radio program on the radars of the men and women who do a good deal of the gate-keeping at public radio stations around the country.

Long before you ever hear a radio show on your station, a staff member of a public station has heard it, and liked it, and has bugged their program director about it. And it’s that program director who makes the decision to air the program in a local market.

So, we have been debating: Which shows should we highlight for the PRPD? If we were going to press a thumb drive into the hands of a potential champion of the program, which three shows would we like them to hear? What programs should we have them audition?

Let us know what you think. Which three hours would best highlight the scope and mission of the show? Do you have a favorite or two?

And wish us well at the PRPD.